Equipment Rentals

Being an artist of any kind, tools to create your craft are essential. Here at EPS we provide anything you need to have a successful and professional photo shoot for your clients. If you need lights, stands, reflectors, transmitters, or even grids, we've got you covered.
And no, we're not sponsored by Paul C. Buff™ but we love their products!
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The Einstein™ Flash Unit features action stopping flash durations, color consistency, and the broadest power range. The flexibility of the power range allows for everything from over-powering the sun, to shooting indoor portraits with a wide-open aperture. 


The Cyber Commander™ allows for wireless triggering of flash units. Additional features include: adjusting the outputs of both the flashbulb and modeling light directly from the camera position, grouping certain lights in a setup together, as well as naming the individual lights in the setup. Last, but certainly not least, the Cyber Commander™ even has a built in light meter!


The CyberSync™ Trigger Transmitter mounts onto your camera's hot shoe to provide wireless firing. When your camera shutter is pressed, the CST2 will simultaneously send the firing signal to all of the flash units in your setup that are fitted with CyberSync™ receivers or transceivers. Simply match the frequencies across all components and you’re ready to shoot!
The CyberSync™ Transceiver is designed for use with DigiBee and Einstein™ flash units. The transceiver fits into the receptacle located on each flash unit. This forms an all-digital interface between the flash unit and the CyberSync™ Trigger Transmitter 2 (CST2), the discontinued CST, and/or the Cyber Commander™. The Transceiver is powered by the flash unit that it is connected to with the frequency and channel selection being made on the back panel of the flash unit.


The 13' heavy duty, air-cushioned light stand is suitable to hold all Paul C. Buff™ lights. The wide footprint makes the stand sturdy for any light modifier, including heavy accessories such as softboxes and octaboxes.

An Assortment of Stands

We have 13" stands, a rolling boom stand, tripods, mini 6" stands, backlight and backdrop stands.

7" & 8.5" REFLECTORS

The 7” Standard Reflector can be used alone as a single light source for a bright and directed throw, or when used at a distance achieve even coverage of large groups and areas with the wide beam spread. It can be used in conjunction with many other Buff lighting modifiers such as our barn doors, 7” honeycomb grids, and gels. The reflector’s even illumination makes it optimal for use with standard umbrellas to eliminate central hot spots.
The 8.5” High Output Reflector produces a 45° beam spread that is more narrow than the 80° beam spread from our standard 7” wide-angle reflector. Additionally, it produces approximately 1 f-stop more light on the subject. This reflector is an excellent choice for general-purpose lighting due to its high efficiency and very smooth feathered pattern. It can be used alone for a bright and directed throw, or used in conjunction with many other Buff lighting modifiers such as our 8.5” honeycomb grids, various brands of umbrellas, and brolly boxes.


The 18” OMNI Reflector is a multi-purpose modifier that can be used for everything from sports to portraits.
The 22” High Output Silver Beauty Dish creates a bright, crisp light source with more contrast than the white. When used close to the subject, the narrow beam spread allows for a more selective area of coverage. With about six times the efficiency of the white beauty dish, the silver beauty dish can be used to light subjects from greater distances, even with low power flash units. Not only is it popular for studio work, it is a favorite for taking outdoors. The increased output helps in bright sun conditions, while its low profile will not catch wind like an umbrella.


The White Shovel Background Reflector projects an elliptical pattern that creates a natural vignette on the background with a soft feathering radiating from the center.
The color gels will add drama and dimension to your scene.


The Soft Silver PLM™ umbrella is perfect for everyday use with various subjects as it bounces the light from the flash unit, retaining high efficiency with a wide angle of coverage. The soft silver fabric produces a controlled, feathered falloff with very soft shadows, perfectly round catchlights and an added specular punch over the white PLM™ umbrellas.


The White PLM™ umbrella can be used as a shoot-through, diffused light source or a soft, bounced light source. It provides a wide, unfocused spread of light covering a 150° area for close, low specularity lighting with large round catchlights and very soft shadows.

30x60 Soft Boxes

A softbox diffuses the light onto the subject creating soft even light, and reduces harsh shadows. The closer the softbox is to the subject, the softer the light will appear.


Similar to the way a softbox diffuses the light onto the subject creating soft even light, an octabox is great for portraits by creating rounded catchlights in the eyes of your subject. Providing a more natural look similar to what you would see from the sun.


The stripbox is narrower than the usual softboxes. It provides the ability to get relatively soft light, with greater control than what can be found when using an octabox or an umbrella.

Westcott™ Eyelighter Reflective Panel

This eyelightr creates stunning beauty lighting with a seamless curved catchlight and it's reflective silver surface bounces studio or ambient lighting.

Larson/Sweetlight Soft Boxes 4X6 & 3X4

Rectangles seem in most cases to be useful as a main or fill where a wide soft spread of light is desired. Strip boxes are all about control, commonly used as a hair light, kicker or garlic light, basically any application where its more important where the light is “not” there where it is.